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The end of anastasiaweb.com!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:01 am    Post subject: The end of anastasiaweb.com!!! Reply with quote

This is an email conversation I had with jim of agencyscams.com. It is about anastasiaweb. I'll let you read it from the horse's mouth.

Re: anastasiaweb?Saturday, March 14, 2009 3:19 PM
From: "Agency Scams" <jim@agencyscams.com>Add sender to Contacts
To: "tired surfer" <lie4ik@*******.com>

Their laWyer contacted my host and stated that I was using their
trademark words of 'anastasia' and 'anastasiaweb'. SO, I didn't remove
them, I jsut changed all the words anastasia and anastasiaweb to AWEB.
This was a HUGE mistake on their part. They tipped their hand. Why
didn't they do this a month ago? 6 months? 1 year? 5 years? Because
only a few weeks ago, I made a special page and banner with info about
starting a class action lawsuit against them. They obviously saw it and
don't want peple to see it.
After this many years, there are plenty enough guys to join the
laWsuit, and now, we can find employees and ex-employees in Russia to
If they are scared to let peple see that I am organizing a lawsuit,
that means that know they will lose.
Get the word out, let's find the hundreds of guys that have been
scammed and finally get ANASTASIA-INTERNATIONAL.COM and

Best of Luck,

DREAM-MARRIAGE.COM is a HUGE scam! They made AGENCYSCAMS.NET to discredit
me. They copied anastasia-international.com's style step by step.
JIM'S Original Anti-Scam Site - http://agencyscams.com
JIM'S Agency Checklist Site - http://jimslists.com

> Hey Jim,
> I noticed that you removed anastasiaweb.com from your blacklist. What's
> up?
> lie4ik
I am sure that by now we can find more than enough men to finally shut down this agency.

Let's do it!!!!!!!!!!
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