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Pro - dater Natalya Shevshenko

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Joined: 25 Aug 2012
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:09 am    Post subject: Pro - dater Natalya Shevshenko Reply with quote

Natalya Shevchenko
Address: Saratovskaya 45, app 14, 24111 Kiev
Passport: EH 487087
E-mail: aspect2002@ukr.net
Mobilnr: +380672785401
Birthday: 26/08/1973

I have met Natalya Shevchenko 3 years ago into a marriage agency \\"bridge of love\\" Khreschatykstr 16, the arc Passage, 01001 in Kiev. Manager Dokokina Tamara.
In July 2009 we went for the first time on vacation to Turkey Bodrum. Her sister Svetlana was with us. I pay the whole vacation for both and a lot of present for Natalya. One evening she was going for a ride on a motor cycle together with the animation man of the hotel. She stays away for one hour so I was very worry. 3 years later when I was on vacation in Egypt a man told me she was not only riding on a motorcycle but had also sex with the man. The reason why the Egyptian man told me is because Natali wanted sex with him to. She should give me sleeping medicaments. The Egyptian man could not except this and told me everything what Natali said to him.
When I came back from Bodrum she started to ask money. Money for English lessons, doctors, hospital, money for support, rent apartment, computer, different time’s money for visa, etc. . . .
She wants come to Belgium and should go the embassy of Belgium.
In 2010 we were on vacation in Antalya Turkey. Natali told me her sister had paid for herself but now I know better. I paid the whole vacation for the three of us again. Together with her sister, Natalya convinced me to buy leader and fur coats. Price all together 7.000 €.
Because of a new visa demand In 2010 I keep sent money.
In 2011 she came to Belgium. She was staying in my house but wouldn’t sleep with me in one bed.
She said we are not married? She slept in my daughter’s room. In mean time she wanted many things for herself so I was mostly a pay machine. After 2 weeks in Belgium she had to go back to Ukraine because the mother of her best girlfriend died? Price of all the “present “she asked in 14 days 3.000 € included little trips to Amsterdam and Germany. The rest of the year 2011 I keep sent her money every time she asked me. I sent her the money because she makes me believe she was busy with her visa.
In April 2012 I was with both women’s on vacation in Israel. Natali told me her sister had won a travel to Israel and ask me I would go too. I said of course. Price 4.000 € for 5 days. Her sister Svetlana had won the lottery but I had to pay all her costs for restaurant and drink.
Natali told me in Israel she has given all the documents we need for visa demand unto a man who work for the embassy. I must pay for that man and he should arrange everything.
The day she must receive her visa she call me and told me that her visa was refuse. I wanted to know why. I called the embassy of Belgium and they say me there was no visa request?
Because of reason she had no visa we decided to go to Egypt. . She asked 5.300 € for our vacation in Egypt. Once again her sister was there with us. I found out that the normal price for the hotel was 1.600 € for 3 persons. They made arrangements with local vendors to get the price double. The sister could always benefit that way.
In Egypt I determine everything was wrong. There was in 3 years no one kiss or intimacy. I became sick in Egypt and in first instance they refuse to call a doctor. After I while they let me go to the hospital. I had to go alone. In hospital the doctor gives me infuse because I was busy to dehydrate.
I needed medication for get well again.
That night I was still ill. Natali has been going out until 4 o’clock in the morning. Once she was back she wanted to give me her own medicaments. Of course I refused. Both women wanted I take the medication of them. I had to make me very angry to them because I wanted not risk my live or health problems. Next day I was on the beach and saw Natali wink to a man she has met the night when I was sick?
I felt myself as a piece of shit and decided to run away from them. I escape to the Egyptian man who told me everything before.

Once I was back in Belgium I found out Natali was a real gold-digger or pro-dater. I look on internet and I saw suddenly her pictures and profile standing on many dating sites. Even on the website of “Bridge of love”. I have never seen before when I searched on her name time by time on internet. I called her for explication and she told me she didn’t know about it and all happened behind her back.
Twenty minutes after her explanation her profile and pictures where removed?
She explains me she is not a gold- digger and wants to stay in relation with me. But at the same time she wrote me by e-mail she don’t trust me anymore because I told her she had the profile of a pro-dater and also of reason I had left her in Egypt.
Now we are one month later. She has sent me different e-mails where she keeps blame me for anything what went wrong and told me she is very ill. She needs rest and medication because of all what happened. When I explain her why it became wrong she always misunderstand me and she told me she cannot come to Belgium because she is afraid I will kill her?
The next day I finally stopped to knowing her.

The last thing a gold digger do is gives you reasons why they let you down because when they feel there comes no money anymore they drop their victim.
I have sent her many e-mails with my vision of what happened but she doesn’t except it.
This women cost me all together around 75.000,00 € in 3,5 year.

The pictures you see are coming from the dating sites and from our vacations.
You can see pictures of her on the web chichi girls with nickname Nastya Kiev. There she is dressed like a whore. I never saw before.
On my own pictures she looks very innocent but let me tell you she is a trickster and hustler.
She never asks money by e-mail but always on the phone. On that way there is no evidence when she demands money.

I like to tell, be careful with the marriage agency “Bridge of love”.
The manager Tamara protects her “girls”. To me the agency works together with this kind of girls.
I was different times in that office. There are translators who translate letters of man and vice versa letters of girls. But one thing is sure. There are no real letters of the girls. It is the translators who give the answers. I know this agency for 5 years now the photos of the girls are still the same.
When you go there you can meet the girls you like to meet. After a meeting with such a girl they always ask money for taxi. Once I met a girl for a couple days. After two days she let me pay her bill of electricity. She took me to her bank and told me she had not enough money. She asks me I would pay for her.
I also have Belgium friend who had also a couple years a relation with a girl of this office.
He found out that his girl was in Italy with other man.
My “Natali” was posted again on the web while I had a relation with her.
You be warned when you co-operate with “bridge of love”

The nicknames of Natalya are: Natalina7; Nastya; Nasha; Nataliza; Nastya Kiev
Dating sites where I found her after vacation Egypt:
Best dating now
From Russia with bride
Darina lonely
Online dating Ukraine
Alone angels
Russian online dating
Ukraineloves.com ID 4772,3919

Her account number is:
Raiffeisen Bank Oval nr 2625568202728
And Western Union for payment vacations.
I have sent her money monthly and sometimes weekly.
Yearly I have sent almost 25.000 €.
After 3, 5 years 75.000 €

She is a 100% pro-dater.
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scam report was restored.
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Joined: 25 Aug 2012
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This woman is activ again on hotrussianbride.com
Nickname nastynatalka
This dating site cooperate with the mariage office "bridge of love"
most of the girls are pro-daters
You can find more about this woman on delphifaq.com
searche on her name[/quote]
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Joined: 29 Sep 2019
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

administrator wrote:
Scam report was restored.
thank youuuu
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