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This is very useful instrument for detecting scammers on different dating sites.

Now we support these dating sites:

It is very easy to detect a scammers on other Dating sites. You ask how? All scammers register on dating sites and send many letters. They try to send as many letters as they can. So if you could see how many letters were sent by selected profile, you can then make some conclusions about this person. But there is a problem: not all Dating sites give you this information. For this purpose we decided to make a Global profiles section. We have a list of some popular Dating sites and if you are a member of one of these sites you can upload information about your correspondence there on our site. You have to login from our site to the selected Dating site and upload information about your correspondence. We will not upload contents of your letters, we will just take information about senders and receivers. Of course in order to make some conclusions about global profiles we need many users who will make such uploads of their correspondence. But it will be very useful for you. For example, imagine that you wrote a letter to the girl on the with Nickname "CoolGirl". Then you begin to exchange letters with this person directly from e-mail to e-mail. Your correspondence with her during several months. And you even want to meet, but she can't come to you because she doesn't have enough money. You are going to send her money, because she loves you and she speaks that SHE CORRESPONDS ONLY WITH YOU. How to check this fact? You go to our Global profiles and search her Nickname. (You also can look at all your personal senders/receivers from So you found her Nickname and what you see. She wrote letters not only for you, but for several men too. But may be she don't corresponds with them any more? In this case you can contact any member from our site and ask him about his correspondence with CoolGirl. It can be so that this girl write similar letters to you and to some other members of AntiScam Club and all you are ready to meet with her and to send her money for arrival. So, you see that together you can catch this scammer. We ask you to upload information about your correspondence on Dating sites and from our side we will work to enlarge the list of Dating sites.

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